"We offer an opportunity to do more than feel better occasionally. We offer an opportunity to be better all the time."

Russell Friedman DC
Board Certified QSM3, NUCCA, Orthospinology

About Us

About Us

Common sense tells you to take care of something before it breaks. But if it does break, fix it. Putting a bandage on something will not resolve it. At AlternaHealth...

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

AlternaHealth Solutions was founded on the fundamental principle that our body’s health is reliant on empowering it from the inside out. Our bodies speak when it is...

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Corrective Care

Corrective Care

http://www.alternahealthsolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/wheelchair-to-running-1.mp4 The human body is like a car battery; it charges itself thru food, water...

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Customers talking honestly about AHS.

I was barely able to feel his hand during the adjustment. Thank you for caring enough to give the best chiropractic care.

I was 28 feeling like 60 and scared to death. After my adjustments, I am mentally and physically at my prime.

I only felt light pressure on my neck. Thank you for giving me my life back.

I was intrigued that the slight pressure that he applied could be that powerful of an influence on my body.

It wasn’t until I visited Dr. Friedman that I experienced long term relief from pain and headaches.

There aren’t enough adjectives in the dictionary to express the magic of chiropractic care, most especially Dr. Russell’s special brand.

I woke up this weekend feeling better than I have in YEARS!

  • Ronda C.
  • Megan S.
  • Barbara G.
  • Doug S.
  • Melissa M.
  • Lisi L.
  • Heather H.