About Us

Common sense tells you to take care of something before it breaks. But if it does break, fix it. Putting a bandage on something will not resolve it. At AlternaHealth Solutions this is our unique and corrective mission. We seek not to manage pain, but to get to the underlying cause.

The ONLY path to restoring vitality is thru corrective care.

At Alterna Health solutions this starts with the QSM3 method. Stress is the foremost cause of health dis-ease. The greatest of those stressors is the gravitational stress on a misaligned spine and body. This stress causes an over load in the body’s energy value, which is reflective in imbalance.

  • Compression of joints
    Osteoarthritis, knee pain, back pain, TMJD, sports injuries
  • Asymmetrically loads muscle
    Chronic low back & neck pain, fibromyalgia, headaches
  • Tension compression in the brain, brain stem and spinal cord
    Trigeminal Neuralgia, vertigo, migraines, high blood pressure, seizures, brain fog
  • Compression in the spine
    Scoliosis, pain, numbness, sciatica, joint replacement
  • Compression of the internal organs
    Chronic illness, fatigue

By healing the underlying disease, not dealing only in symptom care, you utilize the very system that the body is innately designed for.

This integrative office also administers Neuromuscular body work along with Muscle Response Testing and Personal Empowerment sessions. These services help the corrective process move faster.

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