Stages to Success

1. Relief Stage

The first step for your successful healing is improvement in postural and structural balance.
The QSM3 method is an innovative approach that releases the compressive stresses of gravity, its asymmetric loading on joints, muscle imbalances, and decreased blood flow.
Structural integrity, which we call Bio-Tensegrity, begins to be reinstated and   restored, providing the foundational path for relief and healing. QSM3 is the only method using the current postural model supported by the Wyss Institute of Harvard University.

2. Recovery Stage

Long-term misalignment patterns create myofascial asymmetry, tension, decreased motion, and most of all pain. Our functional therapy protocol helps to increase flexibility, oxygen flow, and uses neurological re-training techniques designed to rebalance the patient’s misalignment, all of which are necessary for recovery. This is an integral 2nd step for symptomatic recovery of the myofascial and neurologic systems.

3. Stabilzation Stage

Misalignment patterns also create weakness throughout the spine and its fascial system. Effects of this are observed in our seniors, as their spines and sagittal curves become compromised, stooped, and bent forward. This shortening and compression in the body causes cellular toxicity from lactic acid buildup, pain, and systemic illness. Our stretch-strengthen protocol along with detox-nutrition lay the ground work for postural and energetic stability.     

4. Maintenance Stage

Lastly, poor habits need to be replaced with inner supportive ones. The human body is magical. Nurture, support, listen to its wisdom, and most of all continue the healthy patterns that brought you to this stage. Well done.