Who Is Our Patient?


There is one thing we know at AlternaHealth Solutions and that is “structure dictates function€”. This means the structure of the human body must be corrected before function can and will heal. This is our initial foundational focus. Through the QSM3 method, we provide the most contemporary system in structural postural corrections. Most chronic patients have tried functional therapies that medicate and toxify the symptom or have tried solo therapies that claim this is the cause. In other words, the patients we see have tried many things, by the time they find their way to our door they are often discouraged. As one patient recently told me, “€œI was just about to give up€”.

Structural balance using the QSM³ procedure restores optimal function to the nervous system. It removes the compressive stress that creates pain, tension, stiffness, and fatigue. This is the foundation of it all.Individuals many times symptomatic everyday of their lives with trigeminal neuralgia, fibromyalgia, migraines, seizures, vertigo, and severe pain syndromes are those that walk through our door daily. It is after stability in the structure that function can be effective. After the QSM³ method that a combined regimen of detoxification, nutrition, muscle symmetry, and wellness coaching that can now be effective.

I have a unique perspective and compassion for those in chronic pain that only someone that has been in that place can understand. I completely understand the statement, “€œthis is no way to live”€ and “€œthis is not living”€. Today, I am pain free and run 4 miles, 5 days per week. There is no one therapy that is corrective. Healing is a strategy and not a tactic. It takes time and persistence. There is an opportunity here to do more than feel better occasionally. There is an opportunity to live better and live cleaner

Our Heart, Good Science, and Daily Dedication at AlternaHealth Solutions that is our recipe along with the success plan that elevates our lives to stand in a healing paradigm to hopefully re-empowers yours soon.

Russell Friedman DC

Board certified QSM3

Board certified NUCCA

Board certified Orthospinology