Chronic Pain

Do I have to live with it?

If this statement has caught your attention, you are either a chronic pain patient still hoping for an answer to your trouble OR you are living with someone that has chronic pain and you want the loved one you once knew, back.

The information I am about to give you is no secret; it actually makes total sense! The reason you chose to go down the medical path is simple. A large majority of the population in the U.S. believes that their answer lies in a medical “quick fix”. Perhaps you have spent years going from specialist to specialist hoping they would find and name whatever has plagued you, or that the medical profession would discover some new test or pill that would miraculously restore you to your former self.

Unfortunately this is not likely to occur. There is no way to heal the body without investing in a healthy path; but that also in itself is not enough. Re-achieving health requires:

  • Knowing that heath comes from the inside-out
  • Knowing that there is a specific order to the steps for achieving lasting results
  • Knowing that every patient must jump start the innate wisdom within your own body
  • Knowing that the wisdom within is the brain, brainstem, and spinal cord
  • Knowing that there are five fundamentals of health that must be nurtured through the cycles of wellness
  • Knowing that all processes take time
  • And finally, knowing that success is definitely achievable

The laundry list I just described should exhaust and excite you at the same time. It is ALL within your power to do, and yet this is also the reason chronic illness rarely gets resolved. Too many of us just don’t have the willpower to set a course that will reverse most, if not all of the bad living habits we have established over the past 20-30 years.

Our Success Plan ® at Alterna Health Solutions is the program that starts un-stressing the part of your body that heals the central nervous system, then also stabilizes it. Once that occurs the next level incorporates passive health steps that help you to maintain correct spinal alignment. Week by week progress slowly occurs and good habits are infused to re-power and help the body return to the place it once was…. healthy.

Are you ready?


On Purpose & In Progress


Dr. Russell A. Friedman D.C.

Board Certified NUCCA; Http://

Director Upper Cervical Research Foundation; Http://

Director NUCCA Board 2005;

Founder Inside-Out Seminars

Life Chiropractic University Professor 1996

Board Certified Chiropractor; 1996 Salutatorian: Phi Beta Kappa; Summa Cum Laude

Tulane University; School of Mechanical Engineering; B.S.M.E.

Private Practice: AlternaHealth Solutions

Atlanta, GA. 30328, 404-459-6603


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