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We all know someone that does all the right stuff for health. They may eat right, exercise, and generally just take great care of themselves; yet they show symptoms of some mysterious illness that no one in the medical industry seems able to diagnose. After months, sometimes years of meds, possible pain management and extended time through the revolving doors of multiple specialists, they find that their hope of finding an answer has diminished. That is because they are looking for an answer from the Outside-In. Unfortunately this paradigm only does two things…it prescribes a pill to cover the symptom and it finds a name for the dis-ease.


The ”answer” you will often receive is in the form of a prescription as you exit the office and a Greek word naming the illness. You may even be told, “you will have to live with the pain.” Why can’t anyone get to the CAUSE?  In my office I often hear things like, ” I can’t live like this!” “ Is there an answer to make me whole again?” The answer is an emphatic YES! But this requires work, commitment, patience, and ultimately a shift in YOU! The answer is not a magic potion but a system that empowers the best thing available…your own body. I must warn you though; this is not a quick fix but a process with a very specific order to it. Just as in building a house where you must lay a solid foundation in order to have a strong and solid structure, the same is true with your health.

Over the next several months, I will discuss each component of health in order so that you will be able to empower your body again. We will start by laying the foundation.


The second concept of understanding involves the FACT that health can only come from the inside out. The healer inside of all of us, the nervous system, is the master controller of everything! Unless the nervous system is unstressed, TRUE healing will NEVER occur and covering up your symptoms is your future. It’s all the other guys offer.


So, today I introduce you to Glenda S.  Glenda came to our office BROKEN and desperate. Her complaints, to name a few, were balance, shakes, and brain fog. Her diagnosis was Parkinson and she was on multiple medications some of which she could scarcely recall. Chief among the medications was, Effexor, which is prescribed for depression! Is it any wonder she was depressed when told her disease had no cure and she would need to live the rest of her life like this?

Glenda was one of those people that was doing it ALL RIGHT…whole foods, water, non smoker, no alcohol, nutritional support, exercise, and a strong will to get better.

Her latest practitioner had prescribed handfuls of nutrients to balance her hormones …Result: NO CHANGE!

When she entered our office she was barely coherent and could hardly stand from equilibrium imbalance and shaking.


We proceeded by taking three-dimensional films which showed severe spinal degeneration (circled area). This was causing significant pressure from her brain to her neck. We checked her on the digital anatometer checking body balance/imbalance. Glenda was completely misaligned so here was the place to begin. First step…correct the spine and un-stress the nervous system through the NUCCA system. To be continued…


Dr. Russell A. Friedman D.C.

Board Certified QSM3, NUCCA, Orthospinology

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