It Just Aint So

A message from Dr. Friedman DC


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Once we know a little bit about something, we generally hold onto that ferociously.  New information or information which altersthat is hard to incorporate into what we already “believe” to be true.


This “common knowledge” is especially prevalent in my world. Everyone “knows” that Chiropractic does two things:


  1. Helps back pain, and to do that, we
  2. Pop, crack, and twist the spine


I encounter this mentality on a regular basis. When someone asks what I do and I answer, the knee-jerk response is“My back hurts, can you crack or pop it?”I see this even with my patients. Whether new or old timers to the office, this comes up. So, I want to let you know what you are really receiving when you come to this office, what we do as a platform to your health, and the importance of corrective body balance.


We pride ourselves on two differences from other chiropractic offices or even other health care practitioners. We deliver corrective care and discuss with you the sequence of events needed for your optimal success in our monthly classes.


The human body is made to be on center and balanced.  Vertical and balanced is the least stressed and most powerful posture for the body to handle life’s stressors. When it is off center, it collapses under gravity as we see in the bent posture of many of the elderly. This degenerative process starts as a small symptom, such as neck and back tension, headaches, fatigue.  It then grows to blown discs and severe chronic pain syndromes. This occurs because, when misaligned and off balance, the muscles are recruited to maintain a semblance of upright posture, discs are asymmetrically loaded (like a tire out of balance), and excessive energy is used daily to hold yourself up.


This imbalance creates spasms, compression, and collapse. This is not localized to the back or neck. It is a collapse of the WHOLE body. The pain points are just your body’s “dashboard light” telling you that youare in trouble. So, ignoring these “warning lights” or taking meds to stop the symptoms, only weakens and hides the PERFECT process that is already in place in the body to help you. And the degeneration continues.


The BIG picture here is that blood, oxygen, and nutrition are not getting to the cells of your body. This includes the lungs, heart, digestion etc.  Your immune system is stressed and dis-ease possibilities increase. This is the complete message. It is so much more than the localized pain syndrome you are experiencing. Your whole body is being taxed.


The difference of our approach is to prevent that degeneration and dis-ease rather than “fix” it momentarily.  (“Can you pop my back?”)  Taking care of something only when it is broken will never work.  People who want to be healthy must act healthy in all areas of their lives!  Only our efforts to empower our bodies through consistent daily efforts of food, exercise, nutrition, water, etc. can make us truly healthy.  Your correction to vertical here in our office is the beginning of your healthy life; it is the foundation of your health.


On Purpose and In Progress,


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