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My brother called me yesterday from N.Y. and asked what I thought about the flue shot … or even vaccinations in general.  His pediatrician had just told him that if he didn’t vaccinate his 1 year old he should find another doctor. Whether you are pro-vaccination or anti-vaccination, I believe it is should be a personal choice based on facts. First and foremost, make an informed decision. Although I am in a health related field vaccinations are not my area of expertise, therefore I decided to do some homework! What I found was shocking and will make any caring parent think twice before making that final decision to vaccinate. It is at this point that I would like you to NOT just take my word for this, in fact, don’t believe me! Stop for a moment, do YOUR homework on ALL shots, get the information and make YOUR OWN DECISION. This is important.


In my research, I found that the flue vaccination is made from LIVE attenuated flu viruses. Usually there are three viruses that are in the vaccination to try to hit the right one that may affect people currently. With viruses continually to mutate, the match of the antigen and the antibody your system makes must be a direct match to cover you from the flue. If not, it is not effective. So, the system is a gamble or at least not a guarantee.

Also, incorporated in the flue vaccination are preservatives. Here are some of the ingredients:


Ingredients: (sources are manufacturers statements.)
FluMist®: (MedImmune) Live attenuated cold adapted virus*, allantoic fluid (egg white), sucrose, potassium phosphate, and monosodium glutamate. Source http://www.drugs.com/PDR/Flumist_Vaccine.html.

FLUARIXTM: (GlaxoSmithKline) Chicken embryos, virus*, sucrose, sodium deoxycholate, formaldehyde, sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, octoxynol-10, Alpha-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate, and polysorbate 80, trace thimerosal (<1.25 mcg mercury per dose). Each dose may contain residual amounts of hydrocortisone, gentamicin sulfate, ovalbumin, formaldehyde and sodium deoxycholate.

Fluzone®: (Aventis-Pasteur) Chicken embryos, virus*, formaldehyde, sucrose, octoxinol-9, sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, Gelatin, thimerosal in the 5mL vials (25 ug mercury/dose), no thimerosal in prefilled syringes.

All are made using egg or chicken protein

Influenza viruses (most! are inactivated)

Neomycin, polymyxin, gentamycin – antibiotics

Thimerosal [mercury] – a harmful preservative

Betapropiolactone – a disinfectant

Nonoxynol – used to kill or stop growth of STDs

Octoxinol 9 – a vaginal spermicide

Formaldehyde – embalming fluid used to kill viruses


The preservative thimerosal is a mercury-based neurotoxin. Some researchers have even linked it to the prevelance of autism in children whose vaccinations have included thimerosal; a direct causation has not been established and there is equal amounts of research concluding no link to autism as well.

Some Doctors have also theorized that the usage of thimerosal and aluminum in flu vaccination may lead to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease later in life. It is thought that the mercury in the flu vaccination can build up in the brain, causing irreparable brain damage and other neurological problems. The human immune system has difficulty expelling mercury from the blood stream, which might have something to do with these adverse side effects.


Many states have banned the use of mercury-based preservatives in flu vaccinations for children under twelve years of age and in women who are pregnant or might become pregnant. The FDA, however, has yet to recognize thimerosal has a viable threat, and efforts to remove it from the market have been stifled.

Formaldehyde is a common embalming agent.


The flue mist now contains HN51, the antigen of the avian flue. There is talk of this substance causing a world wide pandemic. Sound like the Will Smith movie “I am legend.”


Anyway get the facts and make an informed decision. There are two sides to this and this is just the tip of the iceberg. My hope is to empower you to be active in your health decisions. Final thought just for fun go to:



And start counting!!!!!

All this information is from excerpts on the web.



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Dr. Russell Friedman BSME, DC


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