Our Doctors

Russell Friedman DC, ME is the senior most doctor at AlternaHealth Solutions and has 22 years of chiropractic experience and is triple board certified in QSM3, NUCCA, and Orthospinology. He is the founder of the QSMorganization and the president of the Q foundation. He is a passionate pioneer in structural biomechanics and a leader for chiropractic advancement.

Ali Friedman DC is experienced and skilled in chiropractic with a concentration in functional neurology, breathing assessment and correction and restoration of joint motion, while simultaneously teaching the nervous system how to control the newly acquired ranges. She applies a range of advanced techniques to treat neurological and brain-based conditions and introduces a breathing re-training approach, grounded in the neurodevelopmental progression that can be applied in the fitness and rehabilitation settings.

Shaun Puro DC specializes in chiropractic with a secondary focus on identifying underlying dysfunctional movement patterns caused by postural breakdown of the human body. As a functional movement and graston technique specialist he is able to apply a movement based diagnostic system which systematically finds the cause of pain, not just the source, by logically breaking down dysfunctional movement patterns. His corrective approach utilizes a neurodevelopmental perspective -the way we learn to move as infants- to create a system to reteach our brains how to communicate with our bodies.