Quantum Spinal Mechanics³

QSM3 is a forward thinking cervical, global, and tonal based chiropractic method. Cervical adjustments have long been the area of historical and present “ miracle cases”. QSM3 continues to advance that esteemed lineage as the only chiropractic procedure that measures 3D posture of the whole body, relating it to gravity, and using this digital data to substantiate corrective results. The goal is to restore 3D balance (Orthogonality) and optimal Tensegral balance (optimal Healthy posture) that is both measurable and corrective. The QSM³ adjustment restores optimal Nervous System function, joint symmetry, and muscle balance, by restoring proper flow of blood, oxygen and coordination of communication to the entire body.

Over a lifetime, the human body can be subjected to multiple traumas that cause postural misalignment patterns, balanced or unbalanced. These whole body patterns are measurable from short leg to head tilt. Using postural data, the QSM3 method uses a multiple headpiece protocol to restore the entire 3D full body subluxation to Orthogonality. Trauma creates a devolving path of break down through the whole body. Correction must follow a reverse path. The QSM3 model describes and embodies the entire process from ‘cause to correction’.

Functional Therapy

The human body is a symbiotic system, existing between structure (posture) and its’ dictation on the way we function (human movement). This interdependent system can lead to dysfunctional movement patterns, affecting our everyday movements and activities. Consequently, if the structural integrity of the human body is disrupted, then the quality in human movement rapidly declines, increasing the risk of injury and damage to the body, even if the individual is unaware of these risks.

Functional Therapy (FT) aims to identify and correct dysfunctional movement patterns caused by postural imbalances to help maintain and support the QSM3 correction. This integrated strategy provides the individual with the opportunity to correct and neutralize the risks and damage associated with dysfunctional patterns, as well as allows the individual to develop more efficiency and integrity in regard to biomechanical functions and movement quality.

By restoring the quality of movement to a balanced posture, you will have the potential to move naturally and pain-free for optimal performance and maintaining an active lifestyle. Together, a change in posture and motion will cause a positive change to the body.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Muscle Balancing & Symmetry both improve circulation. This increases the speed of recovery by increasing lymphatic flow and enable the body to remove toxins more efficiently. This is fundamental to health recovery, just as the QSM³ method restores balance to the entire system. Indeed, there is a direct connection between balancing the myofascial soft tissue through Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), and stabilizing the QSM³ correction. NMT is a scientifically rigorous approach to chronic pain developed by Janet Travell,MD. It focuses on creating equilibrium between opposing muscles and restoring homeostasis to the nervous system. NMT helps to dissolve trigger point and relax deep holding patterns.

Nutrition Response Testing

You have been subjected to preservatives, pollutants in our water and air, many bacteria, parasites and metals that poison and weaken you. Your body, when subjected to these toxins, cannot heal and recover. It is overwhelmed. Everyone knows nutrition is good for you, but most people just take random remedies. They skip the crucial detoxification step. This will make this endeavor unsuccessful. Nutrition Response Testing then empowers you with the right support at the correct dosage. No other system tests you for the compatibility for YOU.

We specifically target the right product at the correct dosage for each individual. No other method is as patient-specific. By addressing the stressors like food sensitivities, scar tissue, chemicals or heavy metals, much mystery will be unlocked and we can truly achieve optimal health. Nutrition Response Testing is a cornerstone for a patient’s recovery because it eliminates the toxins that weaken the body and empowers it so our patient’s system converts from a degenerative state to a healing path. This phase of integral care is called infusion. The infusion phase introduces the necessary nutrition to heal optimally and more rapidly. Candace is our nutrition ‘GURU’. She has advanced training, allergy elimination, hormone, balancing and weight loss. Her personal health recovery is a valued tool for our patient’s questions and information.

Personal Empowerment


Such a simple and profound statement and yet one that affects all aspects of Life from Health to Finances. Many healthcare practitioners have come to understand that successful healing of any type is dependent upon a positive outlook (focus). Rita is an author dedicated to the mind-body connection.

  • The Bible says: “G-d spoke and it came to be”
  • Quantum Physics says: “Your perception is your reality.”
  • And forward thinkers say: “You attract what you think.”

Why is it that we believe that pills will make us better rather than nurturing our Mind, Body, and Soul? True healing and wellness come from the balance of this empowering triad. Through shifting your focus you optimize not only physical well being but emotional as well!