Russell Friedman


Measuring success is certainly a challenge.  This is because the visions of success are based on our personal reference point. The doctor wants to give quality of life, relief, and honor the standard of care to do no harm. The patient only wants to be pain free yet the most severe pain patients would cherish just some relief.  This multi-tiered definition of success is apparent with the facial pain (TN) group as well.


At AlternaHealth Solutions we define success as complete success. That means that the cause is resolved, the issue is stabilized and the injured degenerating area is reversed to a healing path. This is occurring at AlternaHealth Solutions in Atlanta without any surgical intervention, without pharmaceuticals, and all within a corrective non-invasive system. With our natural procedure our patients are not only pain free but have found the root cause of their years of suffering. Finding the root cause and resolving it is the definition of our complete success. This has been a realization for more than 90% of our patients.AlternaHealth Solutions is the only triple board certified Upper cervical Chiropractic group in Georgia. Dr. Friedman, the founder of Quantum spinal Mechanics 3 (QSM³), practices this highly specialized procedure that sets the standard in Orthogonally based tensegral spinal symmetry.


Trauma throughout our lives injury and weaken our structural support system. The spine under these stressors compresses and breaks down causing significant stress on the brainstem and central nervous system. This can cause mechanical and inflammatory effects to the facial nerves


QSM³ precision diagnostics measures the compressive forces at the skull, 1st cervical, cervical spine, and spine to pelvis on a specialized radiographic series. Also,the spinal misalignment on each patient is evaluated on a digital multi-plane 3D spinal posture device.


When the head, 1st cervical, and pelvis misaligns it creates significant compression and tension that diminishes blood, oxygen while increasing toxins to the stress points along the upper cervical area. Radiographs show most compressive misalignments to be kinking and counter twisting at the skull, 1st cervical, and upper cervical spine that must be relieved for complete success.


The procedure is gentle, pain free, and takes about 2 hours. Patients have found relief as fast as 24 hours to 90 days. Our patients come this corrective care from all over the US and as far as South America.


Symptoms are a warning signal that the body is in distress and cannot heal in the state that it is in. The only true health approach is to re-empower the body to a state of optimal being. This is our goal for you. AlternaHealth Solutions and QSM³ are dedicated to your complete success.


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