The Big Balloon

All natural health care practitioners and their therapies promote and support the oxygenation and nutrition of cells. This is done by stimulating circulation through various methods or therapies that benefit the end result; cell rejuvenation and the removal of harmful toxins. It states in the Bible that the “blood is life”. Blood and the encompassing circulating system have a dual process: First the blood brings oxygen, nutrients, hormones and immune defense to every cell of the body. Secondly, the blood removes harmful waste, toxins, and old cells.


Many healing professions recognize the power of the circulatory system.

Vitamins resonate at certain frequencies thereby increasing circulation. Massage, yoga, Tai Chi do it through motion in an effort to reduce spasm in areas which restrict circulation. Physiotherapists use electric stimulation to enhance tissue healing. Meditation and acupuncture work through relaxation and the chi of the body.

So what happens if we reduce the circulatory process? Cells, tissue then organs degenerate to a state of dis-ease, and sickness sets in. Degeneration, ironically, takes a long time.


The body is so amazing that it tolerates abuse for long periods of time before it communicates that things are in trouble. The body frequently gives the mind signals but most are usually ignored until the issues become serious. Many people are too busy to deal with these nuisances! So…if you do everything I’ve mentioned, is it enough? Unfortunately, NO!
Even if you work out or do 10 hours a week of the above, the other 158 hours a week you may inadvertently be suffocating! This is where the problem stems. People who work out and do all the right things may still have issues with their health. But before we go there, we need a short anatomy update.


Geometrics state that the spine is NOT like a stack of bricks piled on top of one another like building blocks. We are stretched upward and outward like a balloon. This is a long conversation and not my intent to bore you with detail but I’d like to introduce a new thought stream. If we are blown up like a balloon and the balloon stays symmetrical, gravity with its downward pressure keeps even pressure (isotropic) in the balloon ALL THE TIME. This is where the problem lies; to attain isotropic pressure 24/7. We are symmetrical throughout our lives. We are made that way but we don’t do anything to keep it that way.


Imagine if you stay symmetrical, which keeps the circulation moving into all the cells all the time. Then you take vitamins and bring great nutrition in all day long. Then you refresh your cells with clean fresh water throughout the day, add some exercise for new muscle tissue and cardiovascular health, and then top the week off with tai chi or mediation to relax the mind and nurture the soul. What would happen???? Yes. So without the initial symmetry or body balance as THE FOUNDATION, you only get a fraction of the equal pressure time from all the above together.

The QSM³ procedure is the only system that corrects body balance. And our office is the only QSM³ office that orchestrates the circulatory enhancers at appropriate stages of your recovery.

If you have been everywhere and haven’t found your answer remember these success points.

  1. Health is attainable but it takes the necessary sequence of events implemented at the right time.
  2. Reversing the degenerative affects of health take time.


In progress

Dr. Russell Friedman DC

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