As I approach the year-end, I’m ALWAYS reminded of what truly matters. This has come to be a sensitive time for me that I am feeling inside. The universe tends to abruptly remind me that time is ticking away; and I am off course, and that I am not focusing on what really matters.  It seems that I get so hung up on getting to my next appointment that I don’t see the gifts the world opens for me at each moment.  The old saying, “life is what happens while you are busy making plans” has never been more true.


The year is wrapping up and like clock  work, again here comes the messages from the “Big Guy”.  A speeding ticket 2 weeks ago, a fender bender a few days later, followed by my daughter telling me I am not part of the family because I’m always working, and some internal strains at work are really just a few of the messages from above.  If I stop for a moment, I can see so may more.


These are all “built into the system time-reminders” that continually ATTEMPT to guide our decisions and re-direct us back to the importance of the real path.

Yes, I have been rushing, not listening, and just haven’t been the nicest guy lately. It been go, go go, and “I don’t have the time for that.”  You know what happens when you ignore the messages…The messages begin to get louder, and louder, whatever it takes to grab your attention!


Even if I don’t listen from the external message, my internal messenger is usually just as clear. I feel it. You know, it’s that feeling you just can’t put your finger on but you know you just don’t feel right or in sync. When someone asks me how am I doing and I respond “everything is great, but I just need am a little down today, worn out, or need a vacation”, is a red flag for me to check-in and regroup because I am off course.

That’s my little reminder that says that I am not plugged in to what I really should be doing.


With work and schedules, it is easy to be pulled in a direction that seems, for whatever reason, more important. Truth is, the machine that is my job will always be there, with or without me. Jobs are replaceable, while family, friends and doing kindness are not. The next time I check my work email from home, or take that business call while eating dinner with my family, will be one time to many. I haven’t taken a walk with my family for months. I use to do it regularly. It’s time I set the example for my children by being the kind of father and husband that I am, and will hope they grow up to be…one that values family and others over all else in life.


I will try to not take for granted the smile of someone when I walk in the door, the hug from my family or friend, or that big stare from my wife when I am on the wrong path again. These little, seemingly insignificant parts of my daily life, are really the most important parts. We spend our whole lives becoming who we are at this very moment. For me, my family, and whom I can help, SHOULD define what and me I strive to be.

It really is the essence and our purpose. We come for challenges that through free will are able to GROW. Better choices equal more growth and higher transcendence. Good choices manifest our lives and our families as well as impact all our relationships and encounters. We have the ability to make big changes.


The holiday time is a time to recognize our short falls. It is the universal clock to reflect and to NOT beat yourself up. It is a time to seize the opportunity to do better NOW.

This is why time tics. It is the gauge on the amount we grow and the speed at which we do. Every year ‘we are able to look back to see ahead,’ and make better choice for ourselves, family and all we touch.

My best to all to have a loving, safe and healthy holiday season and blessed new year.


On Purpose and In Progress,


Dr. Russell & Rita Friedman DC


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