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Meet the Team

Meet the Team 7
Meet the Team 1

Russell Friedman BSME DC

Board Certified QSM³, NUCCA, Orthospinology

Dr. Friedman attended Tulane University earning a mechanical engineering degree. He went on to attend Life University, Marietta, GA to fulfill a higher calling through chiropractic, graduating with honors Salutatorian and Summa Cum Laude. He is the founder of AlternaHealth Solutions and has 28 years of chiropractic experience. He is the only triple board upper cervical chiropractor in the USA, being certified in QSM³, NUCCA, and Orthospinology .

His credentials are unmatched.

He is the creator and founder of the QSM³ method and the president of the QSM³ foundation

Dr. Friedman is a passionate pioneer in tensegral biomechanics, the inventor of the living neuro-postural diagnostics, and the Posture iQ


He serves as a mentor to many in the chiropractic community. Practicing chiropractors and students come from all over the country to learn with him. He is an animal lover, woodworker, and lives on his farm outside Atlanta with his wife Rita.

Meet the Team 2

Ali Friedman Puro DC

QSM Level, API, CK

Her advanced training focuses on Static Posture Analysis (Structural). She has developed corrective protocols, systems and strategies. Postural Neurology understands posture from the deepest mechanisms that control it. Observing the brain and key components of the nervous system enables her to create highly effective treatment plans for her patients. By testing the integration of the brain and the systems that it controls, upright postural design can be recovered and maintained as areas of dysfunction can be diagnosed with the manual manipulation of various muscles to evaluate body function.


Dr. Ali earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2016 from Life University, Marietta, GA. Her passion for chiropractic began at birth. Her delivery caused a traumatic injury to her first and second vertebrae and dysautonomic function to her vagus nerve. This inspired Dr. Russell Friedman to become an upper cervical chiropractor. When she was having a symptomatic episode, the only form of resolution was through upper cervical chiropractic care. Seeing the positive impact her father’s work had on her and his patients, motivated her to become the second generation of chiropractors in her family.


Dr. Ali also has a passion for animal rescue and volunteers with Life Line, an anti-euthanasia organization. She lives in Canton with her husband Shaun, their two rescue dogs and two cats.

Meet the Team 3

Shaun Puro DC

QSM Level, GTS, SFMA Level 2 

Dr. Shaun received his Bachelor’s degree of Science in Biomedical Sciences from SUNY Buffalo. During his enrollment, he experienced debilitating neck pain that was affecting his grades and overall health. When he discovered chiropractic care through a family friend, the care that he received sparked a passion to help people overcome their own struggles. In 2015 he attained his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University, Marietta, GA., where he met his wife. They both went on to join Dr. Friedman’s practice, making it a family business.


His corrective approach uses the latest research in neuroscience and brain science and making it applicable to everyday life to train our brain and nervous system to function better. This unique training uses neural exercises to intentionally create positive changes in health and function of the nervous system. Dr. Shaun’s number one goal is to lead people into habits that place your health first so that you can do the things you love, pain-free.  

Dr. Puro lives in Canton with his wife, and their two rescue dogs and two cats. On the weekends he enjoys being active and participating in a co-ed ultimate frisbee league.

Meet the Team 4

Greg McDonald


Greg is a licensed massage therapist with three decades of experience working in a variety of clinical settings. His tool kit reflects that experience, as well as the education he has continued to pursue. He combines different techniques based on postural analysis and assessment. He draws from Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization, Muscle Energy Technique, Active-Isolated Stretching, Positional Release, and Hancock Cranial Therapy. These modalities allow him to work directly with joints, connective tissues and the nervous system to achieve pain-free movement

Meet the Team 5

Candace Swanson


Candace Swanson is a Designed Clinical Nutritionist, author*, and mad scientist. With a passion for helping alleviate the dependency on pharmaceuticals, she uses a method known as Nutrition Response Testing to check the body for heavy metals, toxic chemicals, food sensitivities, scar tissue, and immune challenges (fungus, parasites, bacteria, and viruses) and gives the best whole food, homeopathic, and herbal remedies around. Her focus is fertility, weight loss, and pain management. She is a walking testimonial, as she used this process to bring a tiny and super-healthy baby girl into this world. 


This was not always her path. After earning her undergraduate degree, she taught history (her nerdy passion!) in Texas before moving to Atlanta in 2007. A major health struggle brought her back to holistic healing and that is where she has found her joy. She been practicing with AlternaHealth Solutions since 2013 and loves every second. In her spare (ha!) time, she loves making nutritious food for her loved ones, adores exercise and yoga, and spending time with her darling husband Ryan, her “Miracle Muchkin” Amelia Claire and her dog Eden Marie. If she ever goes missing, you can find her on the beach. *Accidentally Delicious: The Culinary Adventures Of A Former Walking Disaster

Meet the Team 6


Martina started a 13-year career in the hospitality industry while attending The University of Michigan, where she studied Communications/Public Relations.  After college, she moved to Los Angeles where she lived for 13 years, and worked for high profile celebrities in film and music. Martina moved to Atlanta in 2007 and became a mom to her daughter in 2010 when her life became repurposed and brought her to AlternaHealth Solutions, where she has stood next to Dr. Friedman for the past 10 years.


Being the backbone of our practice and ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently, Martina's expertise and professionalism are essential to the complete operation of our office.  We are fortunate to have such dedication to our patients’ well-being and care for our success, because without her, we simply could not function as easily as we do.   

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