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Freedom From Neurological Disorders:

The nervous system is akin to a complex highway that transmits messages to and from the brain. Neuropathic compromise can impede the flow of these messages, resulting in symptoms like loss of balance, pain, parenthesis, weakness, peripheral neuropathy, migraines, disautonmias etc.


Fortunately, AlternaHealth Solutions is committed to providing relief. Our chiropractors specialize in treating neurological conditions and employ a comprehensive approach to address the condition's root cause. This results in more effective symptom management and relief.

Neurologic Conditions AlternaHealth Solutions

Causes of Neurological conditions:

Symptoms of functional neurologic disorders may appear suddenly after a stressful event, or with emotional or physical trauma. Other triggers may include changes or disruptions in how the brain functions at the structural, cellular and metabolic level. But the trigger for symptoms can't always be identified when applying a traditional medical approach. Many of these neurological conditions may be caused by a range of factors, including:
        •       Structural or Genetic disorders
        •       Congenital abnormalities
        •       Lifestyle or environmental factors
        •       Infections
        •       Brain/ spinal cord/ nerve injuries
        •       Autoimmune diseases

How Our Chiropractors for Neurological conditions Can Help:

Chiropractic takes an integrative approach to the treatment of neurological and brain-based conditions, by assessing how your body’s neurologic, biomechanical, functional, metabolic, and nutritional systems are interacting with one another in their diagnosis of patients.
The QSM3 method of approach is focused on finding ways to drive neuroplasticity in specific areas of the brain, by creating structural symmetry and stability in order to resolve existing health challenges.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Neurological conditions at AlternaHealth Solutions:

At AlternaHealth Solutions, we offer numerous benefits of chiropractic care, particularly for underlying neurological syndromes. Some benefits of our services include:
        •       **Posture correction: Our team will evaluate and find the root cause of our patient's musculoskeletal pain. Oftentimes, improper and imbalanced biomechanics are to blame along with poor ergonomics. All of these factors are taken into account in order to find and resolve many musculoskeletal conditions, many in which can and are creating neurological compromise and impairment. Our team will work with you to improve your posture through alignment, regaining mobility in areas with restriction, as well as, strengthening and stability conditioning; making it easier for you to maintain proper alignment.
        •       **Improved nervous system function: Chiropractic care has a profound impact on the nervous system because the spine is just the protective casing around the spinal cord and spinal nerves that flow through it. A properly aligned spine can enhance your nervous system's overall function, which oversees every and all bodily processes.
        •       **Pain relief: Chiropractic care can resolve pain, tingling, and numbness in the extremities in two distinct ways. First, chiropractic treatment focuses on non-invasive, non-surgical interventions, and natural care as the first line of treatment. Chiropractors try to relieve pain and address patients' issues without surgery or medications.

The Bottom Line

Many people have begun to turn to chiropractic as an alternative when mainstream medical practices are no longer able to help them resolve chronic health conditions, especially those associated with the brain or the neurological system. If you are experiencing neurological pain or compromise and have undergone treatment previously without significant relief, you should consider visiting the chiropractor. At AlternaHealth Solutions' our team of skilled chiropractors creates personalized plans using gentle techniques to help you get back to your best self and a life pain free and worth living!  Book an appointment today for a consultation and assessment.


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