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What does posture have to do with my health? How does my posture relate to my pain, my inflammation, and my problem? This structural collapse of the human body, your misaligned body, is the largest cause of muscle pain, fascial tearing, disc herniation, neurologic, and organ stress.  Imagine your house collapsing. Could anything be more problematic? 


Your posture is the foundation and framework  that houses everything inside. And as you notice, we all compress and draw inward as we age. We have a saying here, “grandma never gets taller.” Look at the elderly. It is not a healthy picture as our posture collapses down upon itself. Imagine your house collapsing right in front of you. Nothing is more preeminent or impactful to your health.  When globally corrected joints open and the cause for arthritic conditions dissipate, muscular pain syndromes heal, neurologic tissue is unstressed, and most importantly your nervous systems energy is freed. Opening global posture is powerful medicine. 



Health is really a measure of your ability to function properly. It’s simple math. When the body is in trouble it lets you know. Posture and keeping us upright uses more energy than any other system. By reducing that demand - that stress with global balanced care, energy is restored, your health quotient is increased and your body can heal as it should.  We call that inside out health. 

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