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Quantum Spinal Mechanics³

Where Upper Cervical Chiropractic balances the head and neck, QSM³ balances the legs, pelvis, spine, and shoulders. This allows for better holding patterns, stability and recovery. The QSM³ chiropractic technique is the only chiropractic practice that measures the postural breakdown of the human body against gravity.


We use the Posture iQ to obtain measurements that allow us to see how static posture affects movement patterns on a daily basis. We measure each patient before and after so that we can assess the progress of the correction.

QSM³ also incorporates the science of posture using current Tensegral Biomechanics. 



By restoring the quality of movement to a balanced posture, you will have the potential to move naturally and pain-free for optimal performance and  while maintaining an active lifestyle. Together, a change in posture and motion will cause a positive change to the body. 

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